Zera® Additive

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The Zera® Food Recycler Additive is made from coir and baking soda. Coir is made from coconut husk, a rapidly renewable plant-based resource. The Zera® Food Recycler Additive Pack is made from paper and designed so the entire additive (including bag packaging) can be placed in the Zera® Food Recycler device.

 Product Details:

  • Pack Size: 4 Additive Packs

Note: The Zera® Food Recycler Team has been notified that a number of fraudulent retail websites have been targeting consumers across social media platforms. To be certain that you will receive a genuine product, please make sure you have purchased the Zera® Food Recycler here at the wlabsinnovations.com website. We're currently only selling filters and additive packs, and will begin taking orders for the Zera® Food Recycler later this year. We can confirm that the only place you will be able to purchase the Zera® Food Recycler is on wlabsinnovations.com.


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