Zera® Food Recycler is the breakthrough kitchen appliance that converts 95% of a typical family's household food waste into ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer1 in as little as 24 hours2, which can be used to beautify landscaping and plants at the same time. The fertilizer created from the Zera® Food Recycler can be spread on top of the soil of lawns, gardens, or outdoor potted plants, releasing nutrients into the soil.

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Slide open the lid and add food daily until full. Once full, place the entire Zera® Food Recycler Additive Pack inside.


Slide the lid closed and press the Start button or start the device remotely with Zera® Food Recycler mobile app to begin the “transforming” cycle


The result is ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer. Remove the output bin, and spread on your lawn, garden, or outdoor potted plants.


A – Zera® Food Recycler Additive

Made from coir, a plant-based resource, and baking soda - works to break down food waste
Available for purchase separately)

B – Sliding Lid

Seals off mixing bin when not adding food

C – Mixing Bin

Holds a week’s worth of food scraps (for an average family)*

D – Output Bin

Convenient and removable bin contains ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer

E – Control Panel

Start, stop, pause, and get notified to run the device after 7 days

F – Mixing Motor

Turns mixing blade to process food waste

G – Mixing Blade

Along with heat and the Zera® Additive, blades churn and break down food scraps

H – Zera® Food Recycler Filter

HEPA/carbon filter designed to continuously filter air

  • Size: 11"W x 22"D x 33.75"H
  • Weight: 118.6 pounds (53.8 kilograms)
  • Useable volume: 8.4 liters
  • Color: White

*Based on estimated 7.7 lb household food waste for average U.S. family. Additive required and sold separately. May emit odors during cycle.

1 Zera® Food Recycler additive required, available for purchase separately.

2 Based on estimated 7.7 lb. household food waste for average U.S. family. Cycle times may vary depending on the type and amount of food scraps recycled. Additive required and sold separately. May emit odors during cycle.