WLabs™ Smart Oven

WLabs™ Smart Oven

A culinary world of creations awaits

  • A built-in sensor automatically detects the starting temperature of your food, so it's always cooked to your exact liking, regardless of whether it's fresh or frozen.1
  • With 11 different cooking modes, you can create never-ending, awe-inspiring meals.
  • The path to cooking nirvana is always in reach with the Whirlpool® App.2
  • Voice activation available with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.2
  • Live Look-in lets you watch meals cook on the mobile device from any location.3
  • The food thermometer cooks food with precision and alerts you when it’s at your desired doneness.3

You can cook your way, every day.

Whatever you choose to dish out, our smart oven can take it. Bake it. Broil it. Roast it. Toast it. Reheat it. Proof it. Dehydrate it. Air fry it. Slow cook it. Convection cook it. Keep it warm. With 11 different cooking modes, anything you dream up, you can cook up.

End the guessing game.

The WLabsTM Smart Oven eliminates the guesswork by automatically identifying the type of food you’re making. It knows if something’s fresh or frozen1 and when to activate its built-in preheat. That means you’re going from a cold oven to a finished dish in one easy step. Best of all, the smart oven learns to cook everything just how you like it.

Three unique cooking methods.

The smart oven has three unique cooking methods. Auto identifies a wide variety of fresh and frozen foods1, and sets the right time and temperature. Assisted selects the correct food, preferences and offers tips. Manual allows cooking with all 11 cooking modes.

WLabsTM Smart Oven Specs

  • Model Number
  • Dimensions
    13.5” H x 19.5” W x 21” D
  • Tray Dimensions
    16” x 12.5”
  • Oven Capacity
    1.2 cu. ft.
  • Weight
    53.5 lbs
  • Power Supply
    110 V / 60 Hz / 15 Amp
  • Power Cord Length
    3 ft.
  • Control Type
    Touchscreen & Mobile App
  • Cooking Modes
    Air Fry
    Keep Warm
    Slow Cook
  • Accessory Dimensions
    Cutting Board: 17” x 15”

    Oven Rack: 16” x 12”

    Baking Pan: 16” x 12” x 1”

    Roasting Rack: 15” x 10.5” x 1”

    Food Thermometer: 6” & 19.5” cord
    (25.5” total length)

    Drip Tray: 16” x 9.5” x 0.5”

    Air-Fry Basket: 16” x 11” x 2”


1 Detects select fresh and frozen foods based on image data captured by your device. Detection accuracy may vary based on conditions.
2 Appliance must be set to remote enable. WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at www.whirlpool.com/connect
3 WiFi & App required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at www.whirlpool.com/connect

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