Delicious has gone digital.

The WLabsTM Smart Oven has a sleek physique and advanced technology that never stops learning. It thinks for itself, cooks for itself and looks as sharp as it is smart. However, there is a catch. We are building only 2,000 of these rare, beautiful and brainy ovens. So, if you have any desire to own one, best get cooking right here, right now.

This smart oven knows no boundaries.
With 11 dynamic cooking modes, it’s easy to choose the best one for your meal preparation. Choose between bake, broil, roast, toast, reheat, proof, dehydrate, air-fry, slow cook, convection cook or keep warm. Whatever kind of cooking your recipe needs, this smart oven knows no boundaries.
What's cooking, good looking?
Our auto food recognition knows for sure for a wide variety of foods. This advanced technology gives the oven the know how to immediately recognize what’s cooking and whether it’s fresh or frozen. For example, it can tell the difference between chicken, beef, fish or pizza, and a bowl of soup and a plate of pasta, and that’s just for starters. Now that’s one Smart Oven!
The perfect fit.
Our WLabsTM Smart Oven is big enough to cook a whole chicken or a 12-inch pizza, yet small enough to fit on the kitchen counter. It’s the perfect size to create endless culinary adventures, while utilizing less energy than a full-size oven.
Cook smart. Eat happy.
Our advanced technology brings a world of cooking convenience to your kitchen. By automating the cooking process, our Smart Oven promises you culinary cooking bliss that’s as effortless as it is limitless.
The art of your smart oven app.
  • Keeps you connected to the joys of cooking and enjoying life.
  • “Live Look-in” lets you watch meals cook on your mobile device—from any location1.
  • Control your Smart Oven with Amazon Alexa or Google Home1.
  • Remembers the exact temperatures and times you cook your favorite meals—so the next time it knows just what to do.

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2 Based on most recently available publicly reported annual revenues.

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