Zera® Food Recycler: How It Works
Responsibility, Meet Convenience
Why You’ll Love Zera® Food Recycler
Technical Specs
  • A – Zera® Food Recycler Additive
    Made from coir, a plant-based resource, and baking soda - works to break down food waste
    (Available for purchase separately)
  • B – Sliding Lid
    Seals off mixing bin when not adding food
  • C – Mixing Bin
    Holds a week’s worth of food scraps (for an average family)*
  • D – Output Bin
    Convenient and removable bin contains ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer
  • E – Control Panel
    Start, stop, pause, and get notified to run the device after 7 days
  • F – Mixing Motor
    Turns mixing blade to process food waste
  • G – Mixing Blade
    Along with heat and the Zera™ Additive, blades churn and break down food scraps
  • H – Zera® Food Recycler Filter
    HEPA/carbon filter designed to continuously filter air

  • Size: 11"W x 22"D x 33.75"H
    Weight: 118.6 pounds (53.8 kilograms)
    Useable volume: 8.4 liters
    Color: White

*Based on estimated 7.7 lb household food waste for average U.S. family.
Additive required and sold separately. May emit odors during cycle.
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