We appreciate your interest, but the Zera® Food Recycler is sold out.

No additional Zera® Food Recyclers are being manufactured at this time. The Zera® Food Recycler was always planned as a limited edition release. We do not have imminent plans to re-release it but will continue to assess opportunity options in the future.

The filter within the Zera® Food Recycler is made of activated carbon and HEPA layers, designed to continuously filter the air1.

You can buy the Zera® Air Filter by clicking here.

One Zera® Replacement Filter costs $19.99. Filters are available for purchase at Zera.com. One-time purchase and subscription packages are available for your convenience.

The Zera® Additive is made from coir and baking soda. Coir is made from coconut husk, a rapidly renewable plant-based resource. The Zera® Additive Pack is made from paper and designed so the entire additive (including bag packaging) can be placed in the Zera® Food Recycler2.

The Zera® Additive can be purchased here. We have options for single additive purchase or you can subscribe to monthly delivery3.

One box of Zera® Additive packs (4 per box) costs $13.99. Additive is available for purchase by clicking here. One-time purchase and subscription packages are available for your convenience3.

The Zera® Food Recycler food recycling process converts food waste into fertilizer through a fully automatic process, accepts a variety of food types including meat and dairy, and can be performed inside your home In as little as 24 hours4. Unlike traditional composting, Zera® Food Recycler automatically controls moisture, heat, and air, and the process is not exposed to unwanted pests or wildlife. Traditional composting takes weeks or even months to process, requires a large outdoor space, manual heap maintenance, and can attract pests and wildlife.

The Zera® Food Recycler can recycle 95% of a typical family’s household food waste (including meat and dairy).5 It is not recommended to recycle large bones and pits.

The output of Zera® Food Recycler is a ready-to-use, homemade fertilizer that can be used on lawns and gardens. It appears similar to coffee grounds, is dry, and spreads easily.

The homemade fertilizer is not standard compost because it is not created from a traditional outdoor composting process. Instead, it is a ready-to-use homemade fertilizer that, once spread on the lawn and garden, will release nutrients into the soil as it continues to mature.

A cycle will complete in as little as 24 hours4.

Yes, the controls can be locked out (through the control panel or the mobile app). Additionally, the lid locks when the cycle is active, so children cannot access the mixing compartment. Finally, there is a retention tab on the output bin.

A cycle should be run once a week or until food waste is filled to the top of the mixing blades. The Zera® Food Recycler Additive must be used each time you run a cycle.

Yes, once the cycle is started, you can pause it during the first 30 minutes to add additional food. Once it is past 30 minutes, it cannot be paused, but the cycle can be canceled. If canceled, the cycle will restart when the Start button is pressed.

The Zera® Food Recycler needs enough time to fully process any food added to the cycle.

The homemade fertilizer should only be used outdoors. It is recommended to apply the homemade fertilizer on the soil surface, not to exceed ¼-inch thick. Keep the product away from roots and plant stems. The homemade fertilizer can also be broadcast on grass using a lawn spreader.

The homemade fertilizer should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry area (i.e., garage, basement, closet) for up to six months.

The homemade fertilizer should not attract insects, especially if stored in an air-tight container as recommended.

For best performance, we recommend that the Zera® Air Filter be changed approximately every two months6.

The Zera® HEPA Air Filter is designed to continuously filter the air to help reduce odors6.

Replace your air filter when the "replace filter" light illuminates.

Press down on retention tab to remove output bin. Reach into output bin and insert fingertips into handle at the bottom of filter holder. Pull up handle and pull filter holder out of output bin. Remove filter and discard.

First, make sure it’s facing the correct way. Use a marker to mark the side of the screen that faces out. Put the bottom of the dust-screen in first and push into place. Wash your hands afterward.

One Zera® Additive Pack is used every time a cycle is run.2 It is estimated that on average, a U.S. family will run a cycle once a week4.

Good news! The Zera® Food Recycler Quick Start Guide is available on our website. Go to https://wlabsinnovations.com/pages/zera-owners-center and click on Quick Start Guide.

Please refer to your Zera® Food Recycler Use &Care Guide for cleaning instructions.

Great question! The homemade fertilizer should only be used outdoors. We recommend applying the homemade fertilizer on the soil surface, not exceeding ¼-inch thick. Keep the product away from roots and plant stems.

The homemade fertilizer can also be dispersed on grass using a lawn spreader. You can repeat the treatment every two weeks.

Please wash your hands after touching homemade fertilizer.

This biological transformation is not compatible with indoor environments in terms of insects and odor. The fertilizer produced by the Zera® Food Recycler will quickly go into a biological transformation when it is placed outside and gets wet. This transformation will fully unlock the nutrients in the fertilizer and be in a more mature state within 2-3 weeks.

There are no serviceable parts in the Zera® Food Recycler. Please consult our Use & Care Guide or if you need further assistance, please call our Connected Appliance Team toll-free at 1-866-333-4591.

There is a One Year Limited Warranty from date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required to initiate a claim. Please note that the Zera® Food Recycler is currently sold out with no plans for a restock at this time, so this is assuming you currently own a Zera® Food Recycler.

WLabs of Whirlpool Corporation will pay for replacement parts to correct defects in materials and workmanship, or if replacement parts will not correct the defect, full replacement of your WLabs Zera® Food Recycler. For assistance, call the Connected Appliance Team toll-free at 1-866-333-4591.

Yes! You can expect standard support for your Zera® Food Recycler. You may contact customer service for support at info@wlabsinnovations.com or by calling our toll-free Connected Appliance Team at 1-866-333-4591 Monday-Tuesday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. (EST) or Wednesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. (EST).

Please call 1-866-333-4591 to speak with a member of our general customer service team. You can also email the Zera® Food Recycler team directly at info@wlabsinnovations.com.

1 Available for purchase separately; replace approximately every two months.

2 Available for purchase separately.

3 Subject to Subscription Terms, click here for details on pricing, payment, and how to cancel.

4 Based on estimated 7.7 lb. household food waste for average U.S. family. Cycle times may vary depending on the type and amount of food scraps recycled. Additive required and sold separately. May emit odors during cycle.

5 Zera® Additive required, available for purchase separately.

6 Available for purchase separately; replace approximately every two months.