Vessi®: Our Story
We like to say that Vessi® Fermentor started in the garage. Of course, in our case, The Garage was home to what is now WLabs — a small, nimble division of Whirlpool Corporation that brings innovative ideas to life. But in fact, Vessi® Fermentor started even smaller. Before it reached The Garage, the fermentor and dispenser was a bright idea in the minds of a small team of Whirlpool employees, who believed they had something brilliant for the home-brewing market. They saw the difficulty of fermentation, the long wait for good, home-brewed beer, and believed there had to be a better way. Our job at WLabs? Make it happen. Since then, we’ve been researching, testing, designing, and more, in order to make the best version of the original idea possible. Now, we couldn’t be more excited to send our idea — fully realized — out into the world.